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Release 2017.02 #60

merged 30 commits into from Feb 8, 2017


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3 participants

hun-a commented Feb 8, 2017

Bug fixed

#59 Fix typo and additional escaping quotes in "selected row > copy Insert & Update"

When I fixed bug about #56, that was not fixed perfectly and there were two bugs.
So, I fixed that bugs in #59, and I will release it now.
I'm so sorry about this my fault. 馃槩

paulgheorghecristian and others added some commits Dec 6, 2016

Sort jdbc drivers (#21)
This fix solves the issue with the JDBC driver ordering in the Preferences/JDBC Management tab. At first, they were ordered alphabetically and that was not desired, so I have ordered them based on the version number. now contains a hashmap that can have an arbitrary comparator for each table column (the key of this hashmap is the column value). When sorting a column, I check whether the hashmap contains a comparator for that column or not and, if it exists, use it.
deleted wrong characters in ko_KR messages (#26)
trivial change. so merge directly.
CloseQueryEditor: if all tabs are closed, start sqlEditorCounter at 1 (

seunghun-kim reviewed, tested and confirmed it operated as expected.
Repair strings (#24)
* RepairStrings: repair mistakes in labels/buttons

* RepairStrings: update gitignore to ignore metadata

* RepairStrings: revert gitignore
Scroll drivers list (#23)
* master: create separate class (MessageDialogWithScrollableMessage)

# Conflicts:
#	com.cubrid.common.ui/src/com/cubrid/common/ui/spi/util/

* master: add scrollable window with the drivers list

* ScrollDriversList: repair git mistake

* ScrollDriversList: fix another merging mistake

* ScrollDriversList: replace "OK" with Messages.btnOk

* ScrollDriversList: choose whether you show informative message or informative message + scrollable text when opening an information box.

* ScrollDriversList: remove some unused imports

* ScrollDriversList: small improvement

* ScrollDriversList: remove a couple of double lines

* ScrollDriversList: change the same of two variables

* ScrollDriversList: remove redundant setLayout. format code

* ScrollDriversList: delete {0} from jdbcDriverDownloadSuccessMsg.
		   change the way we build the downloadedFiles string
UIImprovements: -remove superfluous message from the jdbc advanced op鈥 (

* UIImprovements: -remove superfluous message from the jdbc advanced options (load jdbc driver)
		-remove superfluous message that appeared when clicking File->Open SQL File or File->Save all SQL files (Setting SQL file charset).

* RemoveMessages: restore messages
UIImprovements: transform 1th, 2th and 3th to their correct spelling (#鈥

* UIImprovements: transform 1th, 2th and 3th to their correct spelling

* OrdinalNumbers: repair strings for some locales

* OrdinalNumbers: fix typo

* OrdinalNumbers: locale improvements

* OrdinalNumbers: locales are now enums

* OrdinalNumbers: remove unused import

* OrdinalNumbers: refactor for messages in query

* OrdinalNumbers: make the change for task_querydesc
Search button (#31)
* UIImprovements: -fix the "search in" button

* SearchButton: remove the hardcoded stuff

* SearchButton: remove unused imports
Auto layout button (#33)
- UIImprovements: make the "auto layout" button's height bigger to that the inner text is shown correctly

* AutoLayoutButton: remove hard coded stuff

* AutoLayoutButton: make the font smaller

* AutoLayoutButton: -don't resize the whole toolbar.
		  -don't decrease font's size
		  -put the marginHeight to 0

* AutoLayoutButton: unused import
Repair strings2 (#46)
* RepairStrings2: spell Excel with capital letter

* RepairStrings2: -add OBS to the export types
		-do not prefix 鈥:鈥 with a space

* RepairStrings2: not exist->inexistent

* RepairString2: "the information"

* RepairStrings2: byte->bytes

* RepairStrings2: separate equals from argument and message

* RepairStrings2: improve the errNoSelectedTable message
RowToColumnGood: rename some strings (#32)
* RowToColumnGood: rename some strings

* RowToColumnGood: change from row to column. disable inspect column if necessary
Enhancement for Export function (#43)
* export enhancement: apply to SQL, CSV, XLS, TXT files

* export enhancement: apply to loaddb type

* export enhancement: delete unnecessary codes

* export enhancement: refine export datas and delete handling columns

* export enhancement: delete where condition that is duplicated

* export enhancement: deleted subtree check logic

* export enhancement: corrected the typo in messages class

* export enhancement: <> diamond is not support before 1.7 java

* export enhancement: moved getSelectSQL(), getColumnList() to QueryUtil

* export enhancement: replaced StringBuffer to StringBuilder because unnecessary thread safe class.

* export enhancement: moveed totalRecord checking under the table checking
ShowDashboard: add \n to message so it splits (#44)
* ShowDashboard: add \n to message so it splits

* ShowDashboard: revert the message and add SWT.WRAP to the button
Merge Release/2016.12 to develop (#47)
* cannot execute a query that it has a sqlmap syntax tags (#41)

* cannot execute a query that it has a sqlmap syntax tags

When the query has sqlmap tags such as <select>, <update>, <insert>,
<delete>, cubrid manager expects to parse as well as transform that
query to a normal query which allows to be executed in the query editor
through parameter binding step.

However, some query might possible to have such tags in conditions. In
this condition, when you run a query, it couldn't execute because
cubrid manager handles that query as a sqlmap rather than a normal
query. So, it is always failed.

For this reason, we should have to provide sqlmap parsing function with
an extra action rather than a query run action. Because even if it has
a function to distinguish between a normal and a sqlmap query in the
query editor, but it is not enough with such simple logic.

In this patch, I added a new menu item in the context menu of the query
editor as `Parse this sqlmap query` which located under the `Run this
query` menu item. When you click this menu, it will parse the query as
the sqlmap and make it open the Sqlmap pane on the right side of the
query editor due to binding parameters.

* update version information for build.

From to
When running query which contains null data in LOB types, CM was hang鈥
鈥d. (#48)

* added logic for checking NullPointerException in cache

* separate the method about dispose() for cache handling
Wrong pk icon in the navigation tree (#49)
* fixed wrong pk column shown in host navigator

* moved getPrimaryKeys() to QueryUtil

* deleted unnecessary variable
Cubrid project site url (#55)
* CubridProjectSiteUrl: jira->github

* CubridProjectSiteUrl: change report bug redirect
Escaping quotation in copy Insert and Update (#56)
Escaping quotation when executing COPYnPASTE operation on Insert and Update statement
update version information for build
This update is for release/2017.01.
Seunghun Kim
update version information for build
Changed build version to

@hun-a hun-a added the release label Feb 8, 2017

@hun-a hun-a self-assigned this Feb 8, 2017

@hongwoo-nam hongwoo-nam merged commit 9623150 into CUBRID:master Feb 8, 2017

@hun-a hun-a deleted the hun-a:release/2017.02 branch May 10, 2017

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