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The CUTLER platform aims to enable policy makers and public administrations to explore the opportunities offered by big data for improving policy design and monitoring. The platform employs big data analytics to measure the economic activity, assess the environmental impact and evaluate the social consequences of policy making.

The platform offers a multi-facet frontend implementing the IAMER approach and integrates the visualization of kibana widgets for assessing the economic, environmental and social impact of policy making.

The platform has 3 types of users; • Admin • Designer • Analyzer

Admin: The main responsibility of admin is to maintain the use of platform and create a policy. Admin can see every page and manages users.

Designer: The main responsibility of the designer is to select and place the relevant widgets from widget list for analyzer.

Analyzer: The main responsibility of the analyzer is to analyze the selected widgets and draw conclusions.

You can reach the User Manual from the following link:

You can reach the related deliverable(D8.3) from the following link: