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Draxis Gauge Visualization

alt text


This Kibana plugin is created using amCharts, a JavaScript library for data visualizations. It is specifically customized to visualize certain Key Performance Indicators in the form of a gauge diagram based on the following equation:

alt text

The users can select years Y and Z through the plugin from drop-down lists.

More information can be found in deliverable 5.2 here:


  • Plugin version: 0.0.7
  • Made for Kibana version: 7.4.0

For any inquires contact Stergios Bampakis ( or DRAXIS Developers (

Plugin Creation

This repository contains a docker-compose.yml file which helps you get this plugin as a .zip file and place it in your Kibana installation (<= 7.4.0)

In order to get the plugin as a zip file:

  • Change permissions to distribution folder in order Docker to be able to copy the plugin later

    chmod -R 0777 dist/

  • cd deploy/

  • docker-compose build

  • docker-compose up -d

  • (Be patient since the whole procedure needs to download Kibana's source code and bootstrap the plugin)

  • (Optional): In case you want to see the progress of plugin building run:

    docker logs -f gauge-plugin-kibana

  • The final zip is under your "/dist" directory

Check how you can install this zip file

Installing plugin

Assuming this plugin is named: ""

  • Log in into your server

  • cd your_kibana_installation_path

  • If you are using docker run:

    docker exec -it {container_name} bash

  • Install plugin by running:

    bin/kibana-plugin install file:///(absolute/path/to/)

  • Done !