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Hardware Common Weakness Enumeration Special Interest Group, established in October 2020

Interested in Joining? Please email


The Hardware CWE™ Special Interest Group (HW CWE SIG) offers a forum for researchers and representatives from organizations operating in hardware design, manufacturing, and security to interact, share opinions and expertise, and leverage each other’s experiences in supporting the continued growth and adoption of CWE as a common language for defining hardware security weaknesses. The objective of the HW CWE SIG is to establish a stakeholder community for discussing HW CWE content and explore further cross-organizational collaboration opportunities. Members of the HW CWE SIG will work with each other through open and collaborative discussions to provide critical input regarding domain coverage, coverage goals, and content hierarchical structure.

Intended Participants

Hardware researchers, designers, security professionals, and companies representing OEMs/system integrators and tools/infrastructure vendors. Managers are also welcome, although it is preferred that they are accompanied by technical staff.


Meetings are tentatively set to occur on the 2nd Friday of each month from 12:30 – 1:30 PM EST. Meetings will be held on Microsoft Teams. As the SIG grows, the number of representatives from a single organization may be capped.

Meeting Discussion Topics (proposed)

  1. Review existing HW CWE content
  2. New HW CWE content suggestions
  3. Identifying HW CWEs with analysis tools
  4. Explore potential collaborative efforts in between meetings


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