Unofficial clone of the Google Hangouts theme for Adium.
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Unofficial clone of the Google Hangouts theme for Adium.

Screenshot of theme

This is a theme based off of the Google Hangouts, using Chris Coyier's blog post from CSS-Tricks as a starting point.

Steps were taken to remove flexbox as a dependency (Adium's WebKit engine doesn't support it) and some minor quality-of-life tweaks as they fit my fancy (I felt that consecutive messages needed a little more spacing).

For group chats, I replaced incoming messages icons with a unqiue (to the person talking), persistent Identicon. I couldn't find a theme I liked that really distinguished people in group chats. That's really the main reason I set out to create this theme.


To download: visit this theme's download page on Adium's site. If Adium's installed, you can use the "Install" link from there to open it in Adium, or download it and double-click it which automatically moves it to the proper place.

Please, if you're going to install it, do it from the theme's download page and not from this repo.