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@Taxxor90 Taxxor90 released this Aug 24, 2021

New features

  • "Show aggregation" toggle on Analysis page to show graph separators for the single runs of an aggregated record
  • "Frametime variance" (difference between consecutive frametime values) added to Analysis and Comparison page
  • New Hotspot sensors for Nvidia GPUs
  • "Inverse cut" option added to range slider to remove the selected range and save the remaining data


  • Cutting a record with range slider now adds "(Cut) " at the start of the comment to better find the new file in the record list
  • added a decimal point to the app latency overlay entry
  • added app latency and some standard sensor values to the Report page and adjusted the copy function to only copy active values

Bug fixes

  • Range slider cutting didn't work for records without sensor data
  • Range slider cuttingt didn't always work correctly when cutting aggregated records
  • GPU accelleration could lead to slow loading of larger graphs together with very high RAM usage since version 1.6.4. Because it doesn't have any real benefits, the option was cut.
  • Possible fix for app crash when saving the app settings
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