An asynchronous .NET Standard library for JSON RPC client & server implementation.
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CXuesong Add unt test for #5.
The original TestRoutines.TestCancellationAsync failed to issue the notification to really cancel the request.
Fixed typo: ITestRpcCancallationContract -> ITestRpcCancellationContract.
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An asynchronous .NET Standard 1.3 & .NET Framework 4.5 library for JSON RPC client & server implementation. It supports .NET Core and more!

The package is now available on NuGet. To install the package, run one or more of the following commands in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package CXuesong.JsonRpc.Standard -Pre
Install-Package CXuesong.JsonRpc.DynamicProxy -Pre
Install-Package CXuesong.JsonRpc.Streams -Pre
Install-Package CXuesong.JsonRpc.AspNetCore -Pre
Install-Package CXuesong.JsonRpc.Http -Pre

The package focuses on the implementation of JSON RPC 2.0, while 1.0 support might be offered in the future.

For a walkthough of the packages, see the repository wiki.

For an example based on FullDuplexStream, please dive into ConsoleTestApp.

For an example JSON-RPC server over HTTP, see WebTestApplication.

For the (WIP) implementation of Mircosoft Language Server Protocol on the top of this library, please take a look at CXuesong/LanguageServer.NET. And a step further, for a WIP Wikitext language server, please take a look at CXuesong/MwLanguageServer.