An Action RPG Game build on top of Unity3D
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A Simple Action RPG Game based on Tupi-Guarani mythology in Brazil made on top of Unity 3D using C#

Note: Cyanogen users

O audio pode não funcionar corretamente em Androids com CyanogenMod por conta de um bug em um módulo que habilita automaticamente a funcionalidade Audio Fast Path

The audio may not work properly on Devices that uses CyanogenMod due to a bug on a module that automaticly enable the Audio Fast Path

para corrigir: To fix it:

  1. (optional) adb shell pm list features shows
  2. Rename/remove /system/etc/permissions/
  3. reboot

mas informações em:


  1. Unity UI Screens
  2. Loading Screen with Loading Bar
  3. Pause
  4. Combat Text and Hit Effect
  5. Conversation Panel
  6. Background Music and some audio effects
  7. Level System
  8. Life Bar with Unity UI
  9. Isometric 2.5D World with Isometric 2.5D Toolset asset
  10. Lighting
  11. Sprite Based Character with WASD Control
  12. Mobile Suport and Touch Jostick
  13. AI Pathfinding ( adapted from Sebastian Lague Youtube tutorial )
  14. Some Mecanisms using Collision detection
  15. Inventory, Stats Controller, Sound Controller Scripts
  16. Day Night Cycle
  17. Simple Object Pooling System
  18. Scenario Presention


Image of Caapora

Image of Caapora

Image of Caapora

Image of Caapora