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All features added and planned will be here.


Planned Features

  • Native extensions: The ability to write native C code and import it into Caboose

1.1.0 - 9/8/2019


  • Dicts: Key-value stores
  • Lists: Arrays
  • ****Str native: Convert arbitrary values to strings
  • ****Bool native: Convert arbitrary values to booleans
  • ****Num native: Convert a string to a number
  • Random native: Get a random number between 0 and 1
  • ****Ceil native: Raise a decimal to the closest upper integer.
  • ****Floor native: Lower a decimal to the closest lower integer.
  • String methods: String operations

1.0.0 - 9/5/2019


  • ****Imports: Import a Caboose code file from your main Caboose script
  • ****Time native: Get the current system time.
  • ****Clock native: Get the time that the program has been running.
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