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The Lovable 4th Wall Breaker comes to discord in bot form! Written in
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CPU Purple Heart

Nep Nep

The Lovable CPU of Planeptune has smashed the 4th wall hard enough to make it onto discord somehow, don't ask me how, she just did, alrite?

Setup and botconfig making


  • rewrite (1.0.0a)
  • Latest version of Python


  • Refer to wiki for installation file

This file should contain 3 variables as of now, "token" , "prefix" , and "botdesc". These varables are imported in the main as to allow somewhat dynamic changing of these (desc and prefix) elements through either the bot or just by editing the file.

basically, the should look like this:

import datetime

botversion = 'The Version of the bot (May be different if you are using a personal fork)'
since = datetime.datetime('Year', 'Month', 'Day')
prefix = 'Enter your Prefix here'
token = 'Put your token here'

botdesc = '''The Description of the bot if being used for other uses apart from being Nep'''

Statuses and other bits

Documentation Status

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