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Cacher is the code snippet organizer for pro developers. It is a cross-platform, cloud-based app used to curate a snippet library for you and your team.


  • Support for editing and viewing 100+ programming languages.
  • Flexible color-coded labels to categorize snippets.
  • Shareable snippet pages via Cacher's code-sharing community:
  • Team and organization features like shared libraries, notifications, role management and code reviews.
  • Desktop clients for Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Full-featured web app:

Cacher for Atom

This package offers Cacher users the ability to perform popular actions on their personal and team snippet libraries from within the editor.

Demo of finding and inserting a Cacher snippet:

Cacher Demo

Getting Started

  1. Install the Cacher for Atom package using apm:
apm install cacher
  1. Once Atom has loaded, you will be prompted to setup Cacher. Click the Setup Cacher button. (You can also start the setup wizard by using the Cacher: Setup command.)

Setup Cacher

  1. In the prompt to "Enter Cacher Credentials", click the Open Cacher link to view your API credentials. You can also navigate to the page via:

Cacher Credentials

  1. From the popped up webpage, sign up or sign in as a Cacher user.
  2. Once you are signed in, you should see a dialog on the top-right corner with your API KEY and API TOKEN values.

API Credentials

  1. Back in Atom, enter your API key and token from step 5 into the prompt.

  2. You're all set! Open the Command Palette and type in Cacher: Find Snippet to search for a snippet from your Cacher libraries.


Find Snippet

Shortcut: Alt+Shift+I

Find a snippet from your personal and team Cacher libraries. Searches across snippets' title, description and file content.

Once you've found what you're looking for, you'll see buttons in the footer to:

  • Insert the file's content, replacing your selection in the active editor.
  • Copy the file's content to the clipboard.
  • Open the snippet in the Cacher web app.
  • Open the snippet's page.

Create snippet

Shortcut: Alt+Shift+C

Create a snippet from either the text selection or the entire file (no selection). The command opens up a prompt for you to choose:

  • Personal or team library (if using teams)
  • Title
  • Description - Optional
  • Filename
  • Public/private permission
  • Label - Optional


Shortcut: Alt+Shift+R

Reload your Cacher snippets. Do this once you've made a change to your snippets outside of Atom.

The package auto-refreshes once every hour.


Kick off the setup wizard to authenticate your Cacher account. Run this command if you need to switch users.

Context Menu

Right-click on an active editor to bring up Cacher context menu actions:

  • Create Snippet - Create a new snippet using the selected text or the entire file if there is no text selected.
  • Insert Snippet - Search for a snippet and insert the content in-place.

Context Menu


The Cacher for Atom package is available for registered users on a Pro/Team plan. For a 14-day free Team trial, sign up at

Getting Help

Find help articles and file support tickets:

Release Notes


Initial release of Cacher for Atom package.

Adds commands:

  • Find Snippet
  • Create Snippet
  • Refresh
  • Setup


Thanks for deciding to help!

Cacher for Atom is written in ES7 and transpiled with Babel. The Atom Flight Manual has an excellent guide on writing plugins.

Before submitting a pull request, be sure to check for errors with ESLint:

npx eslint .


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.