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    Author ......... The Cacti Group
    Contact ........
    Home Site ......
    Program ........ Cycle Graphs
    Version ........ 4.0
    Purpose ........ Automatically cycle through cacti graphs
    Original Work .. Matt Emerick-Law


----[ Purpose

    This plugin allows you to automatically view the Cacti graphs one by one
    after a specified time delay.

----[ Features

    You can set cycle time delay.
    Can set permissions on who can view.
    Graph height and width can be specified.
    Graphs are not displayed if the user does not have access to them.
    Title of graph is displayed, font face, size and color can be changed.
    You can use the Prev/Next buttons to change graph.
    You can stop the rotation with the Stop button.
    The time until the next graph change is displayed under the title.
    It can use a custom graph list and only cycle through those.

----[ Installation

    To install put the cycle directory and all files into the plugins directory.

    Edit your includes/config.php and add cycle to your $plugins list.

    You can find the plugin settings under the Misc tab.

----[ Possible Bugs?
    The custom graph rotation is very simple and does not check for permissions.
    I am waiting for cigamit to add support for adding items to the edit graph pages so I can get it working fully.

----[ Future Changes
    Improve the way custom graphs are setup
    Cycle through Weathermaps (I need to look into how Weathermap works)

    Got any ideas then please let me know.

----[ Changelog

    --- 4.0 ---
    -feature: Support for Cacti 1.0

    --- 3.1 ---
    -feature: Compatibility with new Themes engine

    --- 2.3 ---
    -bug#0002113: Several graph settings are not preserved during session
    -bug#0002115: The filtering did not work as expected 
    -bug#0002114: Graphs are not cycled correctly
    -bug#0002120: No graphs not shown if default deny policy used 
    -fix: Ordering of Tree Graph ID's breaks cycling

    --- 2.2 ---
    -fix: defaults keep getting reset

    --- 2.1 ---
    -feature: Support for Ugroup Plugin

    --- 2.0 ---
    -feature: Allow searching through graphs with regular expression
    -feature: Allow selecting both tree and leaves
    -feature: Add Columns and Graphs Per Page to Interface
    -feature: Make the Cycle Settings page more readable
    -feature: Convert all Ajax calls to use jQuery instead
    -bug: Make the scanning for next and previous graphs more efficient
    -bug: Remove 'Graphs' dropdown for all cases

    --- 1.3 ---
    -bug: the legend view does not work when refresh page.
    -bug: 'Prev' and 'Next' does not work correctly with dropdown menu.
    -bug: delay interval does not work correctly.
    -bug: the graph cannot be duplicated.
    -feature: host tree support.
    -feature: permission check support.
    --- 1.2 ---
    -bug: Fix issue where realms can be damaged when upgrading

    --- 1.1 ---
    -compat: Allow proper navigation text generation

    --- 1.0 ---
    -feature: Adding support for 0.8.7f
    -compat: Dropping support for PIA 1.x

    --- 0.8 ---
    -feature: Fixed custom tree mod view
    -feature: Fixed timespan function in defalt view
    -feature: Fixed guest access permission
    -feature: Improved control panel
    -feature: Added tree selector(Custom graph rotation only)
    -feature: Added graph selector
    -feature: Added legend display control
    -feature: Added graph control buttons

    --- 0.7 ---
    -feature: Add timespan selector and graph window
    -feature: Implement buttons and not links for next/pref/stop/start
    -feature: Make PIA2.x compatible
    -feature: Auto Upgrade

    --- 0.6 ---	
    -feature: Ability for cycle to use a Tree and cycle through the Leaf's instead of just graphs. 

    --- 0.3 ---
    -feature: Converted the rotation code to use AJAX so the page does not fully refresh every time.
    -feature: Added custom graph rotation
    --- 0.2 ---
    -feature; Added Previous/Next/Stop Buttons
    --- 0.1 ---
    Initial release