Maint Plugin for Cacti
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    Author ......... Jimmy Conner
    Contact ........
    Home Site ......
    Purpose ........ Scheduled Maintenance planner


----[ Purpose

	This plugin is for the scheduling of maintenace so that Thold / Webseer / Other plugins will not alert during that time period.

----[ Installation

	To install the plugin, please refer to the Plugin Installation Documentation

----[ Possible Bugs?
	If you find a problem, let me know!!!

----[ Future Changes

	Threshold Escalation
	Add feature to run scripts or do other things besides email

	Got any ideas or complaints, please e-mail me!

----[ Changelog

	--- 1.0 ---
	Updates for Cacti 1.0

	--- 0.3 ---
	Add dropdown for quick updating of the Scheduled Time
	Add User Friendly Way of Associating/Disassociating Objects
	Allow Plugins to Hook Maintenance Plugin

	--- 0.2 ---
	Order by Name by default
	Don't check disabled schedules 

	--- 0.1 ---
	Initial Version