Mikrotik Plugin for Cacti
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This plugin provides support for the MikroTik RouterOS available from MikroTik and other router and switch harware suppliers. It is not a replacement for MikroTiks GUI interface, but provides nice Cacti Graphs for multiple MikroTik features including, but not limited to:

  • Automatic Discovery of Cacti Devices that are MikroTik's
  • Enhanced Traffic Graphs
  • Graphs of Wireless and PPPoE Users
  • Table views of Wireless and PPPoE User utilization
  • Graphs of MikroTik enviornmentals such as temperature and voltage
  • Viewing of Devices and summary statistics, Users, Queue Trees, Access Points, HotSpots, Interfaces, and Wireless Station information


Just like any other Cacti plugin, untar the package to the Cacti plugins directory, rename the directory to 'mikrotik', and then from Cacti's Plugin Management interface, Install and Enable the pluign.

With this version of mikrotik, we are also including a Device Template Cacti Package that includes everything you need to create all the included Cacti Graphs for this device type. To import that package, you must use the Cacti 'import_package.php' CLI script. The MikroTik package is included in the 'templates' sub-directory of the MikroTik plugin.

Once this is done, you have to configure the mikrotik plugin under Cacti's Console Settings option, and then select the 'Mikrotik' tab. From there, you can enable the MikroTik data collection, set the level of parallelization, and the various collection frequencies for all of the items that the mikrotik will poll over time.

MikroTik's 'auto-discovery' feature will look for Cacti devices that are MikroTiks and recognize them as such. If you are using a different Cacti Device Template for these Devices, you may want to change them to user the new Cacti Device Template made exclusively for the MikroTik devices.

Bugs and Feature Enhancements

Bug and feature enhancements for the mikrotik plugin are handled in GitHub. If you find a first search the Cacti forums for a solution before creating an issue in GitHub.


--- 2.0 ---

  • Support for Cacti 1.0
  • Lot's of new features

--- 1.01 ---

  • bug#0002318 - Invalid round robin archive

--- 1.0 ---

  • Initial release