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The Cacti thold plugin is designed to be a fault management system driven by Cacti's Graph information. It provides the facility to inspect data in a Cacti Graph and the underlying RRDfile, and generate alerts for management and operations personnel. It provides Email, Syslog, and SNMP Trap or Inform escalations. In addition, it also can notify personnel of Cacti Device status changes through Email, Syslog, and either SNMP Trap or Inform.

NOTE: The Thold plugin that is in GitHub is ONLY compatible with Cacti 1.0.0 and above!


To install the plugin, simply copy the plugin_thold directory to Cacti's plugins directory and rename it to simply 'thold'. Once this is complete, goto Cacti's Plugin Management section, and Install and Enable the plugin. Once this is complete, you can grant users permission to view and create Thresholds.

Once you have installed thold, you should verify that Email support is functioning in Cacti by going to Cacti's Console and under Configuration select Settings, and from there the 'Mail/Reporting/DNS'. From there, you can test your mail settings to validate that users will receive notifications via email.

After you have completed that, you should goto the 'Thresholds' Settings tab, and become familiar with its settings. From there, you can provide overall control of thold, and set defaults for things like Email bodies, weekend exemptions, alert log retention, logging, etc.

As with much of Cacti, settings should be documented in line with the actual setting. If you find that any of these settings are ambiguous, please create a pull request with your proposed changes.


The Cacti 1.0 version of thold is designed to work with Device Templates. Therefore, when you configure a Device Template, you can add default Thresold Templates to that Device Template and when a Device in Cacti is created with that Device Template, all the required Thresolds will be created automatically. Of course, creating stand alone Thresholds is still supported.

Also new in thold version 1.0 is the ability to create multiple Thresholds per Data Source. So, you can have a Baseline Threshold say measuring the rate of change of a file system, while at the same having a Hi/Low and Time Based thresholds to notify you of free space low type of events.

Most standalone Thresholds are created from the Graph Management interface in Cacti. This process starts with first creating a Threshold Template for the specific Graph Template in question, and then from Graph Management selecting the Graphs that you wish to apply this Template to. Then, from the Cacti Actions drop down, select 'Create Threshold from Template' and simply select your desired Threshold Template. Though this method continues to work today, we believe that with the support of associating Threshold Templates with Device Templates, that this method will become less popular over time.

When creating your first Threshold using thold, you need to be first understand the Threshold Type. They include: High / Low, Time Based, and Baseline Deviation. The High / Low are the easiest to understand. If the measured value falls either above or below the High / Low values, for the Min Trigger Duration specified in the High / Low section, it will trigger an alert. In the Time Based Threshold type, the measured value must go above or below the High / Low values so many times in the measurement window, or the 'Time Period Length'. Lastly, the Baseline Deviation provides a floating window in the 'Time reference in the past' to measure change. If the change in the measured value either goes up or down by a certain value in that time period, an alert will be triggered.

The Re-Alert Cycle is how often you wish to re-inform either via Email, Syslog, or SNMP Trap or Inform if the Threshold has not resolved itself before then.

Thold has multiple Data Manipulation types, including: Exact Value, CDEF, Percentage, and RPN Expression. The simplest form is the Exact Value data manipulation where thold simply takes the raw value collected from Cacti's Data Collector, and applies rules to it. In the case of COUNTER type data, thold will convert that to a relative value automatically. The CDEF data manipulation allows you to use some, but not all Cacti CDEF's and apply them to Graph Data. The CDEF's that work, have to leverage one or more of the special types included in Cacti's CDEF implementation like 'CURRENT_DATASOURCE' to be relative. The Percentage Data Manipulation requires you to select the 'primary' Data Source as the Numerator, and then when selecting 'Percentage', you will be able to select the Denominator of the percentage calculation. The most involved Data Manipulation is the RPN Expression type. This Data Manipulation type allows you to use RPN Expressions to determine the value to be evaluated. It can include other Data Sources in the Cacti graph in addition to the selected Data Source. It follows closely RRDtools RPN logic, and most RRDtool RPN functions are supported.

Lastly, please note that several forks of the thold plugin are available from different sources. These forks of thold are not necessarily compatible with the current version of Cacti's thold plugin. Please be aware of this when installing thold for the first time.


The thold plugin has been in development for well over a decade with increasing functionality and stability over that time. There have been several contributors to thold over the years. Chief amonst them are Jimmy Conner, Larry Adams, and Andreas Braun. We hope that version 1.0 and beyond are the most stable and robust versions of thold ever published. We are always looking for new ideas. So, this won't be the last release of thold, you can rest assured of that.


--- 1.2 ---

  • feature: Add Acknowledgment support to thold
  • feature: Allow per threshold syslog settings
  • feature: Allow Notification Lists to be hooked by other Plugins
  • feature: Allow command execution on Threshold breaches and restoral events
  • feature: Add per threshold email body for alert and warning messages
  • feature: Allow threshold actions to be hooked by other plugins
  • issue#207: Errors when attempting to save a Threshold
  • issue#210: Disabled Thresholds appear in breach/trigger filters
  • issue#211: Site filtering does not work without another filter selected
  • issue#220: Fixed bug when mass host down created wrong email sending where used both global and local notification lists on hosts.
  • issue#226: Tholds cli_thresholds.php script does not fully function
  • issue: Massive usability and readability improvements in code
  • issue: When saving a Threshold or a Threshold Template you were redirected back to the respective table views and not left on the edit page.

--- 1.0.6 ---

  • feature: Template list shows clickable/sortable count of Thresholds
  • feature: Threshold list allows filtering by Threshold Template as well as Data Template
  • issue: Suggested names was not selecting the correct data source

--- 1.0.5 ---

  • feature: Increase size for RPN expressions
  • feature: Template list should allow reapply suggested name
  • issue#168: Suggested names does not work if no substitute variable used
  • issue#198: Depreciated each() function usage under PHP 7.2
  • issue#199: Threshold template association issue

--- 1.0.4 ---

  • issue#117: ERROR: possible illegal string offset when sending mails
  • issue#125: Thold VRules Enabling and Disabling results in a broken page
  • issue#128: Thold log date format does not align with Cacti log format
  • issue#130: Correct errors relative to mailer headers
  • issue#131: Users without permissions can disable/enable tholds
  • issue#132: Undefined indexes from time to time when storing current value
  • issue#136: Add Support <DATE> in Cacti format and document <DATE_RFC822> option
  • issue#138: Duplicate thresholds created
  • issue#141: Division by zero when removing threshold due to deleted Graph Template
  • issue#142: When two data source have same field name, thold will create duplicates
  • issue#144: Unexpected threshold breach due to very high value
  • issue#145: Cacti turning Thold off
  • issue#148: Creating threshold from data source fails if not all variables are graphed
  • issue#153: Threshold Template "Operator Notes" Variable not Recognized
  • issue#154: Removed Devices are not pruned to thold tables
  • issue#155: Autocreate now failing due to recent changes
  • issue#157: Operator Notes are not propagated during Template updates
  • issue#160: RPN Expressions not handling ifSpeed and ifHighSpeed replacement
  • issue#167: Separate filter for management and monitoring tabs
  • feature: Now shows counts of notification list usage on front page
  • feature: First attempt of thresholding by data collector. Note that if you are using the thold daemon, you will need to run on each data collector.
  • feature: Report Thold Daemon Runtime with Millisecond precision.
  • feature: Prepare for new Cacti 1.2 feature for storing RRDfiles on remote storage
  • feature: Add <TIME>, <DATE> in Cacti format, and <DATE_RFC822> to Device Up/Down Emails
  • feature: Allow Operator Notes to include threshold tags
  • issue: Speed thold processing by reducing queries and string manipulation
  • issue: Fully convert the thold daemon to Cacti 1.x. Old converted thold daemon was generating MySQL 2006 errors due to a feature in PDO

--- 1.0.3 ---

  • feature#34: Allow notes to be attached to thresholds and templates
  • feature: New setting for expression tholds using ifHighSpeed to handle empty ifHighSpeed entries
  • issue#81: Alert settings are mandatory, Warning is optional
  • issue#86: Undefined variable in snmptrap function
  • issue#89: Add Site to main table views
  • issue#91: Search filter not working from Thold Management
  • issue#93: Thold ID's when auto created are NOT in sequential order
  • issue#94: <DOWNTIME> not processed properly when the value has never changed
  • issue#97: Re-write logger() function to leverage subject instead of attempting to reconstruct message
  • issue#99: Thold disables itself due to division by zero for invalid RPN expressions
  • issue#104: Query using the wrong/deprecated column
  • issue#106: Sort host list by time in state, graphs, and data sources
  • issue#109: RPN Expressions fail when ifHighSpeed is set to zero
  • issue#110: Notification List duplication not implemented
  • issue#111: Default Status filter not respected on thold tab
  • issue: Baseline tholds generate SQL errors and PHP warnings
  • issue: Add test domain for i18n

--- 1.0.2 ---

  • issue#60: Threshold Templates could not be exported
  • issue#61: RPN Expression column too narrow
  • issue#64: Request High/Low Threshold allow for floating point values
  • issue#65: Link in Thold Email not working due to &rra_id=1
  • issue#73: PHP Warnings when saving baseline alerts

--- 1.0.1 ---

  • issue#57: Thold can not display graph with hrules due to lack of escaping
  • issue#58: Autocreate creates too many thresholds
  • bug: Resolve issue where wrong graph could be attached to email

--- 1.0.0 ---

  • feature: Initial Support for Cacti 1.0
  • feature: Multiple tholds per data source
  • feature: Moving most SQL to prepared statements for security
  • feature: Moving away from direct use of GET, REQUEST, and POST variables for security
  • feature: Rename several legacy database columns to match Cacti's default schema, making the thold code much more readable
  • feature: complete audit and rewrite of several functions addressing: readability, clarity, and consistency

--- 0.6 ---

  • feature: Reduce influence upon Cacti's poller runtime to a minimum by introducing a Thold daemon (also allows distribution)

  • feature: Support of SNMP traps and informs ( requires the CACTI SNMPAgent plugin v0.2 or above )

  • feature: CACTI-THOLD-MIB added. Yep, Thold got its own MIB. ;)

  • Bug#0002371: Thold plugin - Undefined index: template in /var/www/html/plugins/thold/thold.php on line 273

--- 0.5 ---

  • feature: Allow threshold log retention to be configurable
  • bug: Thold Suggested Names not applied in all cases
  • bug: Use of Aggregate breaks Thold edit UI and new Tholds
  • bug: #0002247 - SQL Injection in thold.php (must be authenticated first) Thanks Primož!!

--- 0.4.9 ---

  • feature: Allow HRULES based upon HI/LOW Value portions courtesy of Barnaby Puttick
  • bug: Restoral Emails not working in all cases
  • bug: When polling returns non-numeric data, don't return false LOW Alerts
  • bug: Fix time based Warnings
  • bug: More issues with Realert for Time Based and Hi/Low
  • bug: Be more specific about what 'Hosts:' means when generating stats

--- 0.4.8 ---

  • feature: Support for Ugroup Plugin
  • bug: Speed of |query_*| replacements in RPN Expressions
  • bug: Correct name space collision with Weathermap
  • bug: THRESHOLDNAME replacement using Data Source name and not Threshold Name
  • bug: Notification List Disassociate Global List not functional

--- 0.4.7 ---

  • feature: Add index to optimize page loads
  • feature: Allow more hosts to be reported as down

--- 0.4.6 ---

  • feature: Add Warning Support Curtesy (Thomas Urban)
  • feature: Improve display of Baseline Alerts
  • feature: Add Log Tab and new Events for Readablilty
  • feature: Allow a variable replacements in Threshold names
  • bug: Fix several GUI and polling issues
  • bug: Don't alert on blank data output
  • bug: Remove old ununsed variables
  • bug: Fix thold messages on restorals
  • feature: Reapply Suggested Name for Tholds
  • feature: Add Email Priority per 'dragossto'
  • feature: Add Email Notification Lists for Thresholds, Templates and Dead Hosts
  • feature: Add Ability to Disable Legacy Alerting
  • feature: Add Ability to use |ds:dsname| and |query_ifSpeed| in RPN Expression
  • feature: Add RPN Expressions 'AND' and 'OR'
  • feature: Add Support for Boost to Baseline Tholds
  • feature: Add Template Export/Import Functionality
  • feature: Add DSStats functionality to RPN Expressions save on Disk I/O

--- 0.4.4 ---

  • bug: Fix emailing of alerts when PHP-GD is not available
  • feature: Add Debug logging
  • feature: Sort Threshold drop down list by Description
  • bug: Add missing column to upgrade script
  • feature: Update baseline description
  • bug: Multiple fixes posted by our hard working forum users!!!

--- 0.4.3 ---

  • feature: Add support for maint plugin
  • bug: Fix to allow Add Wizard to show all datasources belonging to a graph (even when in separate data templates)
  • bug: Re-apply SQL speed up when polling
  • bug: Several fixes to Baselining
  • bug: Several fixes to CDEFs
  • feature: Add customizable subjects and message body for down host alerts

--- 0.4.2 ---

  • bug: Fixed Cacti 0.8.7g compatibility
  • bug#0001753: Lotus Notes are unable to render inline png pictures
  • bug#0001810: Thold: RRDTool 1.4.x error while determining last RRD value
  • bug: Fix for compatibility with other plugins using datasource action hook
  • bug: Re-add syslog messages for down hosts
  • bug: Fixed a few minor issues
  • bug: Allow the use of query_XYZ in CDEFs
  • bug: Fix host status page to only allow users to see hosts they have access to
  • bug: Fix ru_nswap errors on Windows

--- 0.4.1 ---

  • feature: Add thold statistics to settings table to allow graphing the results
  • bug: Return False from host status check function if it is disabled
  • bug: Speed up Datasource Query on Told Tab
  • bug: Fix CDEF usage
  • bug: Fix Thold Add Wizard Bug with IE6/7
  • bug: Fix HTTP_REFERER error
  • bug: Fix duplicate function names (when improperly installing plugin)

--- 0.4.0 ---

  • bug: Fix for multiple poller intervals, use RRD Step of Data Source instead of Polling Interval
  • Bug: Fix for down host alerting on disabled hosts
  • feature: Add filtering to listthold.php
  • feature: Use time periods instead of number of pollings when specifying Repeat Alerts and Fail Triggers
  • feature: Time Based Threshold Checking
  • feature: Percentage Calculation
  • feature: Add Threshold Sub Tabs with Both Threshold and Host Status
  • feature: Allow Naming of Threshold Templates and Thresholds
  • feature: Allow Thresholds to be added in mass via a Data Sources dropdown
  • feature: Allow Thresholds to be added in mass via a Graph Management dropdown
  • feature: Added Background Color Legend for Multiple Interfaces
  • feature: Add Threshold creation Wizard
  • feature: Make Wizard Design Consistent
  • feature: Add Filtering to User Threshold View and Host Status View
  • feature: Allow Disable/Enable/Edit/View Graph Actions from Main Page
  • feature: Allow Edit Host from Host Status
  • feature: Enable Toggle VRULE On/Off to show breached Thresholds on the graph images
  • feature: Allow Adding Thresholds from Graphs Page
  • feature: Use Cacti User Permissions when viewing and editing Thresholds
  • feature: Allow Weekend Exemptions per Threshold
  • feature: Allow the disabling of the Restoration Email per Threshold
  • feature: Allow logging of all Threshold Breaches to Cacti Log File
  • feature: Allow logging of all Threshold creations / changing / deletions to Cacti Log File
  • feature: Allow global disabling of all Thresholds
  • feature: Allow setting of Syslog Facility for Syslog Logging

--- 0.3.9 ---

  • feature: Major poller speed increase when using large numbers of thresholds

--- 0.3.8 ---

  • bug: Fix undefined variable error on thold.php

--- 0.3.7 ---

  • bug: Fix issue with thold.php not correctly saving the host id
  • bug: Fix issue with Setting plugin having to be before thold in the plugins array

--- 0.3.6 ---

  • feature: Compatible with Cacti v0.8.7 (not backwards compatible with previous versions)
  • bug: Fixed issue with saving user email addresses
  • bug: Fixed issue with tab images

--- ---

  • bug: Fix issues for users not using latest SVN of the Plugin Architecture

--- ---

  • bug: Fix for latest Cacti v0.8.6k SVN (requires latest SVN of Plugin Architecture)

--- 0.3.5 ---

  • feature: Update plugin to use the Settings plugin for mail functionality
  • bug: Fix for thold values being off when using different polling intervals
  • feature: Use new "api_user_realm_auth" from Plugin Architecture
  • bug: Fix for creating multiple thresholds via templates from the same DataSource
  • bug: Fix for threshold template data propagating to an incorrect threshold
  • feature: Added Email Address field to User's Profiles
  • feature: Added ability to select a user to alert for a threshold instead of having to type in their email address
  • feature: Change to using the Settings plugin for mail functionality

--- 0.3.4 ---

  • feature: Allow text only threshold alerts (aka no graph!)
  • feature: Add some text to the alerts, including the hostname
  • bug: Change the email to be sent as "Cacti" instead of PHPMailer
  • bug: Fix issue with host alerts still being sent as multipart messages
  • feature: Add the ability to completely customize the threshold alert (allow descriptors)
  • feature: Re-arrange the Settings page to group like options
  • bug: Fix an issue when applying thresholds to a device with no datasources / dataqueries
  • feature: Add the ability for template changes to propagate back to the thresholds (with the ability to disable per threshold)

--- 0.3.3 ---

  • bug#0000076 - Fix to speed up processing of thresholds (thanks mikv!)
  • bug#0000079 - Bug causing thold to not respect the others plugins device page actions
  • bug: Fix an issue with re-alert set to 0 still alerting
  • bug: Fix the host down messages, this will work with cactid also
  • feature: Host Down messages are now sent as text only emails

--- 0.3.2 ---

  • bug: Fix an index error message displayed when clicking the auto-creation link
  • bug: Fix an issue with thresholds not switching into "is still down" mode when alerting
  • bug: Fix a rare error where under certain conditions no data is passed back to threshold during polling

--- 0.3.1 ---

  • feature: Patch from William Riley to allow the threshold management page to be split into separate pages
  • bug: Fix a php short tag issue on graph_thold.php
  • feature: Major rewrite of thold processing, now we pull from the poller output table instead of directly from the rrd files
  • feature: Major code cleanup in a few files
  • feature: Remove the tholdset table
  • feature: Remove the thold table
  • feature: Add an option for the priority level used when syslogging
  • feature: Add the option allow applying thresholds to multiple hosts at once through the Devices page
  • bug#0000035 - Does not handle INDEXED data sources correctly
  • bug#0000038 - Thresholding non-integer does not seem to work
  • bug#0000041 - Subject of mail message now reflects the data source item (also #0000066)
  • bug#0000059 - Thold always displays and assigns only one associated graph with the lowest graph_id
  • bug#0000060 - Issue with "nan" values in the RRD File
  • bug#0000062 - Step value of the rra is not considered for fetching rrd values
  • bug#0000063 - CDEF function error (100 -DS)

--- 0.3.0 ---

  • bug#0000040 - Fix issue with invalid link in Navigation panel under certain circumstances
  • bug#0000048 - Fix improper notification of global address when Threshold set to "Force: Off"
  • bug#0000042 - Add ability to apply a CDEF to the threshold before using the data
  • bug#0000054 - Fix issue with CDEFs on manual threshold creating page

--- 0.2.9 ---

  • bug#0000021 - Fix for rare SQL errors when auto-creating Thresholds when no Graph is associated with a Datasource
  • bug#0000024 - Thold Templates not allowing for NULL Upper or Lower Baselines
  • bug#0000031 - When creating Thresholds and Templates, default values were not provided
  • bug#0000032 - Validation Error on listthold.php when selecting "Show All"
  • bug: Added some more POST validation to Threshold Templates
  • bug: Fix for Undefined offset in thold.php
  • feature: Changed the font size for the Auto-Create Thold Messages

--- 0.2.8 ---

  • bug#0000013 - Fix issues with database names with uncommon characters by enclosing in back-ticks.
  • bug#0000030 - Allow use of decimal values in thresholds up to 4 decimal places
  • bug#0000005 - Fix for threshold values not matching the graph values
  • feature: Change "Thresholds" to "Threshold Templates"

--- 0.2.7 ---

  • bug: Fixes for "are you sure you meant month 899" errors
  • bug: Fixes for table tholdset being empty causes poller to not function
  • bug: Resolved issue with Base URL auto generation pointing to the plugin directory
  • feature: Code Cleanup of Threshold Management Page
  • feature: "Instructions" rewording on Threshold Management Page
  • feature: Can now select multiple Thresholds to delete
  • bug: Orphan thresholds are now cleaned up automatically
  • bug: Fixed Guest account access to View Thresholds

--- 0.2.6 ---

  • bug: Fixes for HI and Low thresholds limiting the max characters
  • bug: Fixed wrong data reported to thold.log
  • bug: Fix for the error: "sh: line 1: -e: command not found" during thold checks
  • feature: Added command line switch /show for check-thold.php, which will show the output of all thresholds
  • feature: Added command line switch /debug to allow it to log to file (to make it permanent, just set debug=1 in the file)
  • bug: Fixed the Test Email link for IE

--- 0.2.5 ---

  • feature: Test Link Created to help debug mail sending issues
  • bug: Several fixes to the Threshold Mailing (SMTP especially was broken)
  • bug: Several fixes to the Down Host Notification

--- 0.2.4 ---

  • feature: Added Threshold Templates
  • bug: A few other minor interface fixes

--- 0.2.3 ---

  • feature: Emails now use embedded PNG images (instead of links)
  • feature: Option to send mail via PHP Mail function, Sendmail, or SMTP (even authenicated)
  • bug: Set the from email address and name
  • bug: Fixed the Host Down Notification

--- 0.2.0 ---

  • feature: Auto-create the database if it doesn't exist
  • bug: Better sorting on threshold tables
  • bug: Does not require its own cron job anymore
  • bug: Lots of bug fixes for issues in the original threshold module