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Offline MediaWiki Code Editor

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An offline solution for Microsoft Access® users to generate MediaWiki code to edit pages in Wikipedia.

Offline MediaWiki Code Editor consists of a unique collection of tools and assistants merged in a single "execute only" file in .accde Microsoft® Access compiled format.

This application makes easier and faster the edition of articles, even if you do not have previous knowledge of the markup rules. It helps you to prevent mistakes during the process of edition, so you can pay much more attention to the content itself than to sintax.

As it does not need to have permanent internet access, you can make use of this application anywhere and anytime. This is an advantage for those editors who have limited access to internet. But, even if this is not your case, you can take advantage of many of the assistants included in the application.

Before installing


Setup_32bit.exe 10 MB

Setup_64bit.exe 10 MB

Releases (in ZIP format)

Open releases page

The Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime enables you to distribute Access 2016 applications to users who do not have the full version of Access 2016 installed on their computers.

Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime (Eng)

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