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Install for development


Clone the repository to your local machine and enter the cadasta-platform directory. Run the following commands to access the virtual machine.

Provision the VM:

vagrant up --provision

SSH into the VM (automatically activates the Python virtual environment):

vagrant ssh

Enter the cadasta directory and start the server:

cd cadasta

To add the Django debug toolbar, use ./runserver --debug.

Open http://localhost:8000/ in your local machine's browser. This will forward you to the web server port on the VM and you should see the front page of the platform site.

See the wiki for details on loading test data.

Run tests

Within the development VM, from the /vagrant directory run:

py.test cadasta

To get coverage reports run:

py.test cadasta --cov=cadasta  --cov-report=html

This creates a HTML report under htmlcov. See pytest-cov docs for other report formats.

AWS Deployment

Do this:

vagrant box add dummy
vagrant plugin install vagrant-aws

vagrant up --provider=aws ...


Cadasta is grateful for the technical considerations and support provided by: