Loading test data

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If you haven't already, SSH into to the VM:

vagrant ssh
cd cadasta

Once you're in the cadasta folder, load in the test data:

$ ./manage.py loadstatic
$ ./manage.py loadfixtures

You must run loadstatic before loadfixtures.

This will load in test policies, users, organizations, projects, and user roles. If you get an error message, try deleting everything and loading it back up.

Open http://localhost:8000/ in your browser, you should see the front page of the platform site. You'll need to login as a superuser (either superuser1 or superuser2) to see the test data:

user: superuser1
password: password

All of the users have the same password, so you can test users with different permission settings.


If you want to delete all of the test data, run:

$ python manage.py loadfixtures --delete
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