Simple Telegram Bot API to Java through https
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Simple Telegram Bot API implementation to Java

This API is a unofficial one. Check Telegram Bot API for more info.

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import com.cadiducho.telegrambotapi.BotAPI;
import com.cadiducho.telegrambotapi.TelegramBot;
import com.cadiducho.telegrambotapi.api.User;
import com.cadiducho.telegrambotapi.api.exception.TelegramException;


static BotAPI telegramBot;

public static void main(String[] args) {
    telegramBot = new TelegramBot("to:kken");
    try {
        User user = telegramBot.getMe();
    } catch(TelegramException e) {
        System.out.println("Could'nt get bot instance!");


JavaDocs are located in

Maven Usage

If you want use Telegram Bot API as a Maven Dependency simply add repo and artifact:



This project is released under the MIT-License.

This project starts as a Bukkit-Minecraft API and now it is a standalone library. Check the original Minegram! Cadiducho's TelegramBotAPI is highly inspired on Irazasyed's Telegram Bot API - PHP SDK and Rainu's telegram-bot-api, but this one is written from scratch.

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