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Performance and Optimization

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As some high-level Beat Saber users have mentioned, Counters+ has a bit of a performance hit depending on your layout. This page is designed to give tips and other information about how to limit Counters+'s impact on your game.

Throughout updates, I've tried my best to optimize and improve performance on several counters, but really the only tester I have is me, myself, and I. I've tried to invite users using the Hotfix/Beta builds on the GitHub, but sometimes that isn't enough. Even though Counters+ might work fine for me, it might not for you.

Your Best Friend

Your best friend in finding the right layout for you is the Counters+ Settings Menu. I've made this menu with the intent of people rapidly changing settings and adjusting to what they believe is the setup for them.

So please, before you complain about Counters+ performance, actually utilize the Settings menu.

Most Common Culprits

Score Counter

The Score Counter is easily the most performance-hitting counter in the Counters+ suite. And that's mainly my fault. I've messed with it a ton to make sure it retains the points counter from Beat Saber, before adding the specialized Counters+ stuff. And most of the specialized Counters+ stuff could be improved or optimized in other ways that I have not thought of right now. But as it stands currently, this is probably your biggest issue.

Average Cut Counter

Even though I've done my best to optimize this recently, Average Cut can still be have an impact on performance, especially the longer into a song you are.

Speed and Spinometer Counters

I've included these two both because of how they work: They take input from the player and game every frame. It isn't much, however it can be taxing. Speed specifically, as unlike Spinometer, it doesn't always clean up after itself after a certain amount of time (The only Mode that does this is the Top of 5 Seconds mode), while Spinometer cleans up every second.


I'm not saying most of the time it is a PEBCAK error (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard), however it might be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

In other words, check your installed plugins. Some may not be up to date, others might be obsolete, and some are either not maintained or you've disabled them for a long time. Either way, a large amount of installed mods can have an impact on performance, whether or not Counters+ is installed.


Use Base Game Counters

Progress and Score Counters each have a Mode option that allows you to change how they display information. One of these modes that exists on both is called Base Game. All this mode does is change the position of Beat Saber's base counters, and nothing else. This is probably what you should be doing first.

Disabling Unused Counters

Don't lie: You don't look at all of the Counters+ counters. Hell, I bet you even forgot Notes was a thing. Either way, try using the Counters+ Settings Menu and disable counters that you do not actively use or look at in a song.

Heck, you can disable the Progress and Score counters, and not even have Counters+ touch them, if you're looking for that extra amount of performance (Which, if you previously had them using the Base Game modes, isn't much).

Messing With Settings

If you feel like you quite enjoy some of the counters Counters+ brings to the table, another option might be to fiddle with settings that reduce performance. Most of these settings are probably just bells and whistles that aren't needed for the counter to function.

The most common of these are the Mode options present in some counters. The least performance hitting one of them all is the Base Game option, so wherever that is possible, use it. Other Mode options that yield performance boosts include Top 5 Sec. for Speed, and Highest for Spinometer.

Some other options you can look at disabling include Show Percentage for Notes and Show Rank if you're still using the Counters+ Score counter.

Or, if you feel like you need a temporary break from Counters+, disable the entire plugin through the Main Settings page, and prevent any and all counters from loading in the song. How about that for performance?

Clean up your Plugins folder

As I said, sometimes it is the sheer amount of mods you have installed that hinders performance. Go through your Plugins folder, and uninstall those you do not commonly use, even if that is Counters+ (sniff).

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