Remake of Chrubuntu (s9ryd version) for ElementaryOS. Yes, the name is horrible.
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Chreos - Dualboot ElementaryOS and ChromeOS!

Chreos is a Chrubuntu based installer for ElementaryOS. This script should run on any Chromebook that is able to run the s9yrd script. For more information, click.

If you like this script, please go ahead and donate a few bucks to jay0lee (the original author)! Just hit the link above.


You need to have the Developer Mode enabled.
In ChromeOS, hit Ctrl+Alt+F2 and log in as root.

cd /home
curl -L -O
bash KbefK3

The script will reboot & reset your Chromebook once.
After this is done, you have to re-download and re-run the script.

Warning: this is going to erase all data stored on your Chromebook.

Tested Chromebooks

Samsung Series 5 550 (LUMPY PINK B-C 3343)
Please report any successful or failed attempts!