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Nitro 2.1

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Nitro is written in CoffeeScript and currently uses the Base framework (based on Backbone).


# Clone repo
git clone

# Open folder
cd nitro

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Start server
cake server

# Now browse to http://localhost:9294

Local Development Server

# Compile and serve on port 9294
cake server

# Compile, watch and serve on port 9294
cake -w server

# Compile, watch and serve on port 8080
cake -w -p 8080 server

You should now open up http://localhost:9294 and be using Nitro 2. If you use the -w parameter, then any changes you make to the *.coffee or *.sass files will automatically be compiled.

Build Nitro

Use these commands to compile and minify the app into the public folder.

# Build once
cake build

# Build and watch
cake -w build

# Optional: minify application.js
cake minify


To generate app/css/style.css you will need to install the Sass compiler. If you have ruby installed you can use gem install sass.

# Compile sass once
npm run-script sass

# Compile sass and watch folder for changes
# Press Ctrl-C to exit Sass
npm run-script sass-watch

Translating Nitro

To make or edit a language translation.

# Go to the languages folder
cd source/scripts/languages/source

# Copy the default language into a new file
cp default.json es-ES.json

# When editing the the language, keep the original on the left, and your translation on the right
# 'Lists': 'Listas'



Address: 1Ch9V7LKdhWkPGnUmcocuYdYWRRWK16who

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