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  • bin: contains the built software and accompanying testing suite.

  • build: stores intermediate object files and generated GNU Make files.

    • obj: has all of the generated object files given under compilation.
    • Makefile: automatically generated by executing premake5 gmake.
    • *.make: program specific make config for augmenting Makefile.
  • docs: any generated documentation for this project is over here.

  • include: both external and internal project headers are here.

    • foreign: any foreign headers which should be included.
    • project directories: internal headers for the project.
  • lib: any generated libraries from the project reside here.

  • please look through this very carefully.

  • premake5.lua: configuration file for the build system.

  • this file, contains information on the project.

  • share: any extra data that needs to be bundled should be here.

  • src: all source code for the project should be located below here.

    • project directories: source code for specific project build.
    • foreign: any external source files which might be needed.
  • tests: source code for the project's testing suite, using Catch syntax.

    • project directories: project specific testing suite for one build.


  1. Place yourself in the root directory of this project.

  2. Acquire the latest version of the premake5 build system.

  3. Thereafter, execute premake5 gmake if building on Make.

  4. Finally, issue the command make -C build and wait.

  5. When complete, either bin or lib are built.

  6. Tests can be run with bin/*-tests program.

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