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2-D Artillery Game using SFML and C++11
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Sniglen: An Artillery Game

A 2-D local multiplayer artillery game similar to Team17's Worms. It features a fully destructible and randomly generated terrain powered by Perlin Noise. Up to 25 units and 5 different players can fight against each other in a battle for tactics.


Just running make should do it if you've got the dependencies resolved. You must run the game by using bin/sniglen.


This project was done as part of a programming project course at LiU, and was one of the first games we ever made. When we look back at the code it makes us want to puke, but it was one of the first "real" programming projects after our basic C++ programming course, so we're still proud of what we were able to accomplish back then. It still builds and runs OK after ~6-7 years with no updates to the original source code. I would highly recommend you to turn down you volume to 10% or lower when launching the game, as the music is VERY loud on game startup. There are a lot (!) of bugs and balancing issues.


For the project we used SFML 2.1 and Reputeless Perlin Noise library. We've written everything else from the ground up.


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