Update for MasOS 10.6 #1

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Saw your example while roaming the web, decided ti upgrade it a bit, cause it doesn't working for maxos 10.6, since they have changed concurrent NSOperation model. Previously concurrent operations were run from main thread, but now they also use threads from threadpool, so NSURLConnections fails to return any result, 'cause it expects to be run from main thread.

Maybe it shouldn't be pulled to master (but techs go on), it's up to you to decide.

And sorry for project, it's for XCode 4 && iOS 4.3, don't have ability to invoke older SDK, just finished company-wide upgrade :)

meredian added some commits Apr 30, 2011
@meredian meredian Modified project to run with XCode 4 and macOS 10.6 or iOS 4.3 0ccf397
@meredian meredian Important fix for example to work properly under 10.6/4.3
Until 10.6 non-concurrent operations were run from background threads,
and concurrent - always from main. It has changed in 10.6, and both
types use background threads now, but NSURLConnection expects to be
run from main thread. So this important check is required for now.
@meredian meredian Remove trailing whitespaces f7c5656
@meredian meredian Some memory management updates to remove leaks
Surprised object were not retained. Feature of iOS 3.0?
@meredian meredian Add reaction to isCancelled 09e75bc
@Caged Caged merged commit 8361de0 into Caged:master May 3, 2011


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