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A RubyCocoa app for getting quick information for a git repo. Similar to GitK.


  • Git, RubyCocoa, Leopard, RubyGems, open4

Quick Install

  1. Move to /Applications
  2. Move (or symlink) nub shell file to /usr/local/bin

How to Use

In your shell, move to a git directory and invoke nub. You always use this helper to invoke the application, otherwise you get nothing.

    $Caged@caged:~/dev/git/gitnub% nub

Building from Source

  1. Run git submodule init & git submodule update in the root directory.
  2. Run rake build or open GitNub.xcodeproj in Xcode - press Build
  3. Run rake install to move to /Applications and copy nub to /usr/local/bin.

Major Contributors

  • Justin Palmer - Maintainer
  • Benjamin Stiglitz
  • Kevin Ballard
  • Dustin Sallings