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= v0.6.8 2010-01-09
* Updates KissXML. Fixes possible app store rejection due to isa-swizzling.
* XML parsing speedups (side effect of KissXML upgrade)
= v0.6.7 2009-12-22
* Support for 3.1.2
* Fix documentation errors
* Fix error domain
* Update GHUnit to latest
* Optimize response handling to use built in status code strings
= v0.6.6 2009-09-30
* Fix NSXML compilation errors on some 3.1 devices
= v0.6.5 2009-09-27
* Support for iPhone OS 3.1
* Support for array parameters
* Attempt to use ASCII encoding if UTF8 fails
* Upgrade to the latest json-framework
* Fixes a typo which caused a crash when setting http headers
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