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portland crime mapping
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PortlandCrime is an experiment in crime mapping for Portland, OR. You can see it live at or


Requires Ruby 1.9.2 and MongoDb

  1. Create DB & load offenses: rake db:seed
  2. Import crime: rake crime:import. This will import the current year, providing YEAR=2009 rake crime:import.
    You should at least import this year and last year.
  3. Run reports:

    rake crime:reports:all
  4. Import trimet stops and routes:

    rake trimet:import:routes  # Import Trimet Bus, Max, and Streetcar Routes
    rake trimet:import:stops   # Import Trimet Bus, Max, and Streetcar Stops
  5. (And I apologize for this) Run Migration to import Neighborhood geo data and normalize names:

    rake migrations:one_normalize_neighborhood_names
    rake migrations:four_flag_non_portland_neighborhoods
  6. Get a CloudMade API key: Add it to line 20 of public/javascripts/map.js.


I run on Linode ( and deploy with capistrano. Here is a sample of the configuration I'm using:

Assets use Jammit ( which is great for compression.

Check out config/schedule.rb for a sweet ruby DSL to cron that run reports.

The library that generates visualizations is pretty hefty, so it's a VERY good idea to precache assets with Jammit and use Nginx's gzip_static module. It's the single best thing you can do to increase page load times.


There are neighborhood demographics in db/data/neighborhood-demographics.csv and supporting models for those demographics, however, I found them to be outdated and questionable so I chose not to use them. I've asked the city about updating these statistics and was informed that they haven't received budget approval for such a project, but they gave me the census block data they used to correlate neighborhoods to census blocks. I hope I can use this data to upgrade neighborhood demographics for the new American Community Survey.

If you want to import demographics anyway, run rake migrations:three_import_neighborhood_demographics

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