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TileMill is a modern map design studio powered by Node.js and Mapnik.

Installation instructions, development docs and other information are available on the TileMill website.

Build Status Dependencies


  • Mapnik v2.3.0
  • Node.js v0.10.x or v0.8.x
  • Protobuf: libprotobuf-lite and protoc

For details follow:

Running tests

Install mocha and run the tests

npm install mocha
npm test

Note: the tests require a running postgres server and a postgis enabled database called template_postgis.

If you do not have a template_postgis create one like:

POSTGIS_VERSION="1.5" # you may need to change this
POSTGIS_PATH=`pg_config --sharedir`/contrib/postgis-$POSTGIS_VERSION
createdb -E UTF8 template_postgis
createlang -d template_postgis plpgsql
psql -q -d template_postgis -f $POSTGIS_PATH/postgis.sql
psql -q -d template_postgis -f $POSTGIS_PATH/spatial_ref_sys.sql

If you experience failing tests here are two tips:

  1. Debug the project data by running TileMill with

    ./index.js --files=./test/fixtures/files/

  2. Try clearing the cache of test data:

    rm -rf ./test/fixtures/files/

For more info see: http://postgis.net/docs/manual-1.5/ch02.html


TileMill documentation is kept in the gh-pages branch, which is independently managed and not merged with master.

TileMill's in-app reference available as the "Manual" (see below for syncing details) is a very small subset of docs for offline usage and is manually sync'ed from the gh-pages branch.

To view all the TileMill documentation locally, first checkout the gh-pages branch:

git checkout gh-pages

Then install Jekyll:

sudo gem install jekyll

And run Jekyll:


Once Jekyll has started you should be able to view the docs in a browser at:


Syncing manual

To sync the manual with gh-pages updates do:

cd ../
git clone --depth=1 -b gh-pages https://github.com/mapbox/tilemill tilemill-gh-pages
export TILEMILL_GHPAGES=../tilemill-gh-pages
rm -rf ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual
mkdir -p ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual
cp -r ${TILEMILL_GHPAGES}/assets/manual/* ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual/
git add ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual/*
rm -rf ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference
mkdir -p ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference
cp -r ${TILEMILL_GHPAGES}/_posts/docs/reference/* ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference/
git add ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference/*