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# Upgrade from 2.0-ALPHA3 to 2.0-ALPHA4
## CLI Controller changes
CLI main object changed its name and namespace. Renamed from Doctrine\ORM\Tools\Cli to Doctrine\Common\Cli\CliController.
Doctrine\Common\Cli\CliController now only deals with namespaces. Ready to go, Core, Dbal and Orm are available and you can subscribe new tasks by retrieving the namespace and including new task. Example:
$cli->getNamespace('Core')->addTask('my-example', '\MyProject\Tools\Cli\Tasks\MyExampleTask');
## CLI Tasks documentation
Tasks have implemented a new way to build documentation. Although it is still possible to define the help manually by extending the basicHelp and extendedHelp, they are now optional.
With new required method AbstractTask::buildDocumentation, its implementation defines the TaskDocumentation instance (accessible through AbstractTask::getDocumentation()), basicHelp and extendedHelp are now not necessary to be implemented.
## Changes in Method Signatures
* A bunch of Methods on both Doctrine\DBAL\Platforms\AbstractPlatform and Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\AbstractSchemaManager
have changed quite significantly by adopting the new Schema instance objects.
## Renamed Methods
* Doctrine\ORM\AbstractQuery::setExpireResultCache() -> expireResultCache()
* Doctrine\ORM\Query::setExpireQueryCache() -> expireQueryCache()
## SchemaTool Changes
* "doctrine schema-tool --drop" now always drops the complete database instead of
only those tables defined by the current database model. The previous method had
problems when foreign keys of orphaned tables pointed to tables that were schedulded
for deletion.
* Use "doctrine schema-tool --update" to get a save incremental update for your
database schema without deleting any unused tables, sequences or foreign keys.
* Use "doctrine schema-tool --complete-update" to do a full incremental update of
your schema.