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=== Desk Mess Mirrored Readme (readme.txt) ===
* Last revised February 21, 2016

== Contents ==
* Licensing
* Basic FAQ
* Notes
* Recent Changelog
* Review Tickets

== Licensing ==
All theme items are licensed under the GNU General Public License v2; or, as the case may be, individually noted.
This may not be construed as overriding any item with a previously applied license, stated or not, which will take precedence.

== Basic FAQ ==
= Q: Where did the >>Page Permalink<< at the bottom of my pages go? =
Although the idea behind adding a link to the bottom of pages was supposed to be useful, it was not popular and as such it has been conditionally set to not be displayed.
There are two ways to display this feature now, in your Child-Theme define `DMM_SHOW_PAGE_PERMALINK` as `true`; or, modify the `functions.php` file to change the default from `false` to `true`

= Q: Why is there a >>Page Permalink<< at the bottom of my pages? Can I hide it? =
The idea is to provide an easy to copy permalink for the article so readers can more easily share the page with others.
You can hide this text by adding `{ display:none; }` to your stylesheet.
If you are using a Child-Theme or a custom Page Template you can also change the $text parameter of the `dmm_page_link` function to an empty string ('').

= Q: Where did my conversation balloons go? =
The conversation balloons now only show based on the following criteria:

1. The post is not password protected; and,
2. Comments are open *or* at least one (1) comment has been made on the post.

Also to note, post meta text has been added to indicate the post comment status.

= Q: Does the theme support multi-level, or drop-down menus? =
Yes, as of version 1.8; with significant improvements in version 1.8.7!

= Q: Why does the tack above the widget not appear sometimes? =
RESOLVED: As of version 2.0.1 this issue has been corrected. If the widget title is empty the `dmm_widget_title` function will automagically use a space for the title and the tack will be displayed.
The easiest solution to this issue is to either insure there is always a title used for every widget; if you wish to not have any text in that particular widget using a `space` (`&nbsp;`) will work very well.
Also to note, if you use the escape sequence `&nbsp;` you may notice the widget title is empty afterward. `&nbsp;` is a `non-breaking space` and appears as such.

= Q: How do I use the new DMM Dynamic Copyright function? =
The function now accepts four (4) parameters. Leaving the function as is will produce the copyright statement as it was produced in version prior to 1.8.5
Using the following parameters you can change the copyright statement accordingly:
- start: This is generally the primary statement of copyright including whatever license you may choose to use
- copy_years: This is the years dynamically calculated from published posts
- url: The default will point back to the 'home' page of the website using the website title as the anchor text
- end: A closing statement, such as the default, All Rights Reserved.
It is also recommended to use this functionality in a Child-Theme versus modifying the original Theme template file(s).

== Notes ==
* Resolved in v2.0.1 - Always use a title in every widget or the push-pin top of the widget box will not resolve correctly, even a single space will work.
* add_custom_image_header() is not implemented as it will not handle multiple header images; in the case of this theme, there are three (3) being used in the header.
* It is recommended to not have an excessive quantity of menu items, for example a quantity causing the top menu to exceed two lines, may obscure the post title in some views

== Recent Changelog ==
== Version 2.5 ==
* Released February 2016
= Code =
* Added `dmm_featured_image_view` function to display vertical aspect ratio featured images more aesthetically
* Added sanity check for 'DMM_SHOW_PAGE_PERMALINK' being defined
* Removed `wp_title()` call reference, theme requires WordPress 4.1+ (no sanity checks)
* Removed `wip` folder and reference to `extra.css` file

= CSS =
* Added custom CSS for BNS Support plugin shortcode displays

= Miscellaneous =
* Updated copyright year in all files
* Minor code clean-up / removal of older version change references

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
== Version 2.4 ==
= Code =
* Added support for the `title` tag
* Added `dmm-post-formats` filter to extend which post-formats support
* Added transient to only check first post approximately once a month
* Extracted out code for `dmm_single_view_author_link` function for all post-formats templates
* Improved i18n implementation
* Moved `$content_width` definition into theme setup function
* Refactored sidebar parameters to use already defined WordPress defaults
* Updated author archive link in single views

= Miscellaneous =
* Added default `.po` and English (Canada) translation files
* Cleaned up i18n implementation - "symbol" characters are a design choice
* Moved `changlelog` back into 'readme.txt' file ('changelog.txt' remains as reference)
* Update copyright years and miscellaneous comment cleanup

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
== Review Tickets ==
* - version 1.9
* - version 1.9.1
* - version 2.0
* - version 2.0.1
* - version 2.0.2
* - version 2.0.3
* - version 2.0.4
* - version 2.1
* - version 2.2
* - version 2.2.1
* - version 2.2.2
* - version 2.2.3
* - version
* - version 2.4