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Multi a WordPress Child-Theme of Desk Mess Mirrored

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==== Multi Readme.txt ====
Multi is a WordPress Child-Theme of Desk Mess Mirrored. The Desk Mess Mirrored
theme is required to be installed for the Multi Child-Theme to function.

Please download the Desk Mess Mirrored theme from this page:

== Contents ==
* Basic FAQ
* Notes
* TODO Items
* changelog.txt extended details
* Review Tickets
* Et Cetera

== Basic FAQ ==

== Notes ==

== TODO Items ==
* see inline documentation

== Changelog ==
* see changelog.txt

== Review Tickets at ==
* No longer applicable - Child-Themes are not currently being accepted to the Extend Themes repository

== Et Cetera ==
* GitHub:

Last revised December 1, 2011
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