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==== Readme.txt for Shades Theme ====
* Last revised December 28, 2013

=== Topics ===
* Notes
* Review Tickets

== FAQ ==
Q: Why did my theme stop working in older browsers?
A: I chose to move to more consistent current browser only support (with an expected minimum IE9+ as the benchmark as of the end of 2013). Older browsers should be updated or replaced.

Q: How do you suggest I use the Aside, Quote, and Status post formats?
A: The Aside post format will display with an exclamation mark (!) on its left side. The Quote post format will have a a double-quote ("). The Status post format will use an amphere (at sign). These post format will also have their titles and postmeta data right aligned as well. This will set these posts apart from standard posts and other post formats not currently supported.

I would suggest using the Aside post format for ideas and topics that do not necessarily follow the general flow of your main content; the Quote post format usage would be ideal for quotations; and the Status post format could easily follow a very similar idea to tweets or wall posts. Also note, Status posts will show the date and _time_ the post was published; and if the Status post is modified it will also show that date and time in addition to the original published post and time.

Q: Can I change the symbols used for the post formats?
A: Yes. The symbols are generated by their related function. If you wish to use a different glyph I would recommend creating a Child-Theme and writing an appropriate function to be used in place of the functions being used in the theme. If you need help creating a Child-Theme this article may help:

Q: How do I link to the single view of posts without a title?
A: The Shades theme (as of version 1.7) has the function `shades_use_posted`. This will use the 'Posted' text of the postmeta data as the anchor text for the link to the single view of a post without a title. This function can also be over-written in Child-Themes if necessary.

Q: Why does `the_shortcode` functionality appear to not work?
A: See core trac ticket:
If you are using the default permalink structure; or if you do not have the 'JetPack' plugin, or 'WordPress Stats' (included with JetPack) plugin, installed you may experience problems with `the_shortcode` not behaving as expected.

== TODO ==
* [x] Review modified time in "status" post-format
* [x] Review 'new' style of changelog
* [x] Review why `the_shortlink` is not working when the implementation has not changed
* [x] Review all font-sizes to be percentage based where possible
NB: Future TODO items will be written inline where appropriate as of version 1.8

== Notes ==
* The Shades Theme (as well as all future theme releases) will no longer directly support older browsers. Please use the most current stable version of your browser of choice.

== Review Ticket ==
* - v1.7 - September 11, 2011
* - v1.8 - April 20, 2012
* - v1.9 - July 5, 2012
* - v2.0 - December 7, 2012
* - v2.1 - March 8, 2013
* - v2.1.1 - July 18, 2013
* - v2.2 - December 28, 2013
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