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# Search Plugin for CakePHP #
-Version 2.1
+Version 2.1 for cake 2.x
The Search plugin allows you to make any kind of data searchable, enabling you to implement a robust searching rapidly.
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For more information about our Professional CakePHP Services please visit the [Cake Development Corporation website](
+## Branch strategy ##
+The master branch holds the STABLE latest version of the plugin.
+Develop branch is UNSTABLE and used to test new features before releasing them.
+Previous maintenance versions are named after the CakePHP compatible version, for example, branch 1.3 is the maintenance version compatible with CakePHP 1.3.
+All versions are updated with security patches.
+## Contributing to this Plugin ##
+Please feel free to contribute to the plugin with new issues, requests, unit tests and code fixes or new features. If you want to contribute some code, create a feature branch from develop, and send us your pull request. Unit tests for new features and issues detected are mandatory to keep quality high.
## License ##
Copyright 2009-2012, [Cake Development Corporation](

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