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This directory contains scripts for automating routine tasks, e.g., for generating files.

rebuild-excludes: A list of glob patterns that should be omitted when packaging up a (partially) built working directory for examination/rebuilding elsewhere (using HOL's relocbuild facility).

artefacts: A list of paths to files that are considered to be the (non-theory) outputs of a successful build. As with rebuild-excludes and build-sequence, these are paths relative to the root directory.

bin: This directory represents a stage in the build sequence where the latest available cake binary is downloaded to perform testing and bootstrapping.

build-sequence: The regression test runs through this list of directories.

readme_gen.sml: This SML program generates a summary for the files given as command-line arguments to this script. The contents of the summaries are read from a specific style of comment that needs to appear at the top of each file. A script that counts non-blank lines.