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Proof-producing translator from HOL functions into CakeML syntax

  - defines the basic predicates (esp. Eval) that the translation will use
  - proves the key lemmas that the translator uses

  - a simple verified optimiser for CakeML expressions, which is
    applied once the translator has produced some CakeML syntax

  - the translator itself, the main entry point is the translate function

  - shows one a simple example what the translator provides

  - shows one a simple example that the translator can produce a module

  - a minimal common starting point for translations

  - a file that runs the lib file above

  - a more elaborate prelude for translations to continue from

  - a file that runs the lib file above

  - defines a function for turning CakeML syntax into concrete syntax

  - proves termination of the functions in the file above

  - functions that test the printer defined in two files above