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Verilog development and verification project for HOL4
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Verilog development and verification project for HOL4

Installation and setup

The development requires HOL4.

Ag32-specific setup

To build Ag32-related theories, such as the processor itself and cakeml_connection, you need to point $CAKEMLDIR to your CakeML compiler directory.

ISA generation

Translating the Silver ISA from L3 to HOL is not necessary as the already-translated ISA stored in the CakeML compiler project is used.

However, after updating the L3 ISA the following steps are required to update the HOL ISA.

First, make sure you have L3 installed.

With L3 installed, the following command in the L3 REPL (named l3, located in the bin directory in your L3 directory) will produce the HOL ISA from the L3 ISA:

HolExport.spec ("ag32.spec", "ag32");
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