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An implementation of 61A Scheme in Dart, designed for use both in the Dart VM and on the web.

The web directory includes a web REPL that is currently deployed at

Interpreter Libraries

This package includes three interpreter libraries: core, extra, and web.

The core library includes only enough functionality to match the Python implementation (plus a few pieces of UI code). The extra library includes everything in the core library, plus asynchronous expressions, diagramming, visualization, and tracing. The web library includes everything in the extra library, plus a renderer for diagrams, JS interop, themes, turtle graphics, and support for importing files from a URL.

You can import an interpreter library with one of the following lines:

import 'package:cs61a_scheme/cs61a_scheme.dart';
import 'package:cs61a_scheme/cs61a_scheme_extra.dart';
import 'package:cs61a_scheme/cs61a_scheme_web.dart';

You only need to import one. The web library depends on dart:html, but the other two can be used in both the browser and the Dart VM.

Project Implementation

This implementation is not complete. To run the interpreter, you must implement ProjectInterface (in lib/src/core/project_interface.dart). You can skip implementing certain optional pieces of the interpreter by adding the other classes in that file as mixins.

61A staff members can use our private staff implementation of ProjectInterface in the dart_scheme_impl repo of our org. A skeleton of this implementation is available publicly here. We ask that you do not publicly distribute the source code for a ProjectInterface implementation.

Additionally, if you are a Berkeley student, publicly distributing an implementation of ProjectInterface constitutes academic dishonesty as described in our course policies, as the implementation is close enough to the Scheme project's to be considered distribution of solutions, despite the change of language from Python to Dart. This applies even if you are not currently taking 61A.


See for instructions.


Travis should be set up to automatically deploy to whenever tests successfully pass on master. To deploy manually, add a remote dokku pointing to the 61A Dokku server and run make deploy.