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/* Example libical code to create Simple Event
* To compile: cc -o SimpleEvent -lical SimpleEvent.c
#include <libical/ical.h>
#include <stdio.h>
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
icalcomponent *cal, *event;
icalproperty *prop;
const char *my_product, *uid, *tzid, *desc;
struct icaltimetype dtstart;
struct icaldurationtype duration;
/* Create VCALENDAR component */
cal = icalcomponent_new(ICAL_VCALENDAR_COMPONENT);
/* Create VERSION property and add to calendar.
In this case, we create the new property and assign it to a variable
(perhaps we need to access it later).
We then pass this variable to the 'add' function.
prop = icalproperty_new_version("2.0");
icalcomponent_add_property(cal, prop);
/* Create PRODID property and add it to calendar.
In this case, we don't plan on needing the property later
so we can nest the 'new' function within the 'add' function.
my_product = "-//ABC Corporation/NONSGML My Product//EN";
icalcomponent_add_property(cal, icalproperty_new_prodid(my_product));
/* Create a uid for our event.
NOTE: This should probably be created by a third-party library
to guarantee uniqueness (e.g. OSSP UUID).
uid = "ff808181-1fd7389e-011f-d7389ef9-00000003";
/* Create start time for our meeting */
dtstart = icaltime_null_time();
dtstart.year = 2016;
dtstart.month = 4; = 20;
dtstart.hour = 12;
tzid = "America/New_York";
/* Create duration for our meeting (1hr = 3600s) */
duration = icaldurationtype_from_int(3600);
/* Create VEVENT component.
In this case, we use the varargs variants of creating a component
and property which allows us to construct the component all in one go.
event =
icalproperty_new_summary("Lunchtime meeting"),
/* Create LOCATION property and add it to the event */
icalproperty_new_location("Mo's bar - back room"));
/* Create DESCRIPTION property and add it to the event */
desc =
"We'll continue with the unfinished business from last time,\n"
"in particular:\n"
"Can names start wih a number?\n"
"What if they are all numeric?\n"
"Reuse of names - is it valid\n"
"I remind the attendees we have spent 3 "
"months on these subjects. We need "
icalcomponent_add_property(event, icalproperty_new_description(desc));
/* Add our event to the calendar */
icalcomponent_add_component(cal, event);
/* Create a string from our calendar and send it to stdout */
printf("%s", icalcomponent_as_ical_string(cal));