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This is an entry in the created by Isaac James, Dillon Hicks and other collaborators.

Collaborators - contributions:

  • Isaac James - Mini game framework, Game design, Narrative, Most mini games
  • Dillon Hicks - Bulls and Cleots mini game
  • Jessica Horton-Barker - Art consulting on Pipe platformer
  • Rachel James - Narrative consulting

Game is hosted at

The idea is to present a narrative which responds to choices made by the player during mini-games. The setting for the narrarive is the world as we know it today, when an artificial intelegence arises. From there, that AI (the player character and namesake) can make choices that change the world.

My reach has exceeded my grasp on this project. There were grand designs on how Ettell's emergance could change the world that simply didn't pan out. As is, the prologue is mainly complete, but is entierly linear.

If this were to be represented as a choose your own adventure book, it would have about 10 pages.


All material copyright 2012, Isaac James. All rights reserved.