It is almost spring, so time for a pre spring cleaning. This time: taking care of your Facebook. This script can safe you a lot of time if you would try to do that by hand.
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Facebook cleaner

This is a command line script written in ruby that lets you delete all the years from your Facebook. So you can delete all the old content, but not the last one.

For this it uses the facebook mobile page, because it just doesn't have Javascript and presents the least amount of confirmation dialogs, which are stepped through using selenium webdriver.


You need a version of ruby for it and bundler. The former you can probably easily install via your package manager and the latter one you can install easily via command line afterwards (just type gem install bundler).

Further you need a working selenium-webdriver environment (download and installation guide on And because the script checks some button texts, to figure out, if we click on the right one, it is best to switch the language to "English (UK)". It certainly won't work with a non-english language, and the US english can also have some slight differences in wording which can cause runtime errors, or the script not clicking on buttons.


ruby run.rb

You'll be asked to enter your name, your password (securely of course), your username (that thing, that is written after if you click on your profile) and the year you want to delete.

Guarantees that it will work?

Nope, but after some iterations it ran through my years of facebook posts and did a pretty good job deleting almost all of it. So it definitely saves you a lot of time.

I hope it runs for you as well, if you find some bugs or have questions. Please feel free to create an Issue or PR.


MIT, see LICENSE file