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XenForo backup script

Made because I hate doing this manually

You will need

  • SSH access
  • pigz or pbzip2 installed (if you want to use the faster, multi-core compression methods)
  • An Amazon S3 account (and s3put installed) if you want to sync your SQL backups with AWS
  • A little experience with the Linux shell environment

How to use

  1. Download backup_script.sh from the repo
  2. Save the backup script somewhere you'll remember. For example /home/backups
  3. Make it executable with chmod +x backup_script.sh
  4. Fill out the config variables (see below)
  5. Add a crontab entry to run every night at a time when your site is likely to be less busy. Something like this will do: 0 3 * * * /home/backups/backup_script.sh (this will run at 3am every night)

Config variables

  • db_username - The username for your SQL database
  • db_password - The passsword for your SQL database
  • db_name - The name of your database
  • compression_method - The compression executable that will be run. Choose between pigz, pbzip2 or gzip
  • backup_path - The location you want your backup files saved
  • web_dir - The location of your xenForo installation
  • bucket_name (optional) - The Amazon S3 bucket name and directory in which to sync the SQL backups