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Forms For Caldera

This is a React component library for forms. It is designed to be used in Caldera UIs, including Caldera Forms.


yarn add @calderajs/forms


  • Run Unit Tests - Jest.

    • yarn tests
  • Run Storybooks

    • yarn storybook

Other Commands

  • Lint code
    • yarn lint
  • Build Package
    • yarn package
    • The output is stored in the dist folder.
  • Run tests once for CI
    • yarn test:ci


<CalderaForm />

This component is used for all forms in the Caldera Framework. The Caldera Forms front-end (Caldera Forms 2.0+) and all UI sections.

This component uses Formik for managing state and validation. The layout uses the CalderaGrid component of this package and uses the fieldAreaFactory from the calderawp/@factory package.



Form Editor


Why Formik?

I originally wanted to use redux-forms. I didn't love the API or the validation. Also, I had a less articulate version of these conncerns. We're using more of Formik's features than you need to create a working form. Formik feels like it does the basics really well and everything is extensible.

Specific benefits:

  • We are not developing our own validation system.
  • Loop Fields/ Repeater Fields: Totally Covered.
  • Great Documentation
  • Allows us to supply our own field components, CSS, layouts, etc.
    • Formik has text, select, textarea fields, but we don't have to use them.

Import With webpack

import {CalderaForm} from '@calderajs/forms';

How A Caldera Forms

    form={form}//form config
        //current values of all fields
    ) => {
        setTimeout(() => {
            alert(JSON.stringify(values, null, 2));
        }, 1000);
    onChange={(values) => {
        console.log(values) //all field values
  • formRows - Object - The form layout.
  • onSubmit Function - Called when form is submitted by Formik.onSubmit()
  • onChange Function - Called when any field is changed.
    • Is passed all updated field values.
  • initialValues - Object. Initial values for all fields in form. Mapped fieldId : fieldValue
Shape Of Form
  • id - string
  • name - string
  • fields - array
  • conditionals - array
  • rows - array
import{createFieldRule} from '@calderajs/forms';
const form = {
	id: 'contact-form',
	name: 'Contact Form',
	rows : [
	    	rowId: 'r1',
	    	columns: [
	    			columnId: 'c1',
	    			fields: ['sendEmail'],
	    			width: '1/4'
                    columnId: 'c2',
                    fields: ['primaryEmail'],
                    width: '3/4'
            type: 'select',
            fieldId: 'sendEmail',
            label: 'Would you like to provide an email?',
            options: [
            	{optionValue: true, label: 'Yes' },
            	{optionValue: false, label: 'No' },
			type: 'input',
			fieldId: 'primaryEmail',
			html5type: 'email',
			label: 'Your Email'
	conditionals: [
			//result of conditional
			type: 'hide',
			//Logic of conditional
			rule: createFieldRule('is', 'sendEmail', true ),
			//fields effected by conditional
			fields: [

<CalderaGrid />

This component is supplied an array describing multi-row layouts with 1-12 responsive columns per row.

A column in a grid may be React component or an object describing a form field, as expected by the fieldAreaFactory function from the calderawp/@factory package.

The rows prop

Main Rules:

  • A row MUST have a rowId key. This optionValue MUST be unique, among all rows of the grid.
  • A row SHOULD have an array of columns.
  • A column MUST have a columndId key. This optionValue MUST be unique, among all columns of the row.
  • A column SHOULD have a width key. This describes the width of the column, as a fraction.
    • The sum of all of the width keys of all columns in a row SHOULD be less than or equal to 1.
  • A column MAY have fields key. If an array of field configs -- as expected by fieldAreaFactory is passed, those fields will be rendered for the column.
  • A column MAY have a children key. If a valid React component is supplied here, that component will be rendered for the column.
    • Think of this as the column render prop.


  • A column SHOULD NOT have children and fields.
  • This could be used for non-form layouts. It's primary puprose is form layouts.

Other Props

  • onAnyChange - Function - Callback when any field changes values.
  • onAnyBlur - Function - Callback when any field is blurred.
  • fieldValues Object - Current values of all fields
  • setFieldValue Function - Function that can set a field's optionValue when supplied fieldId, newValue.
  • fieldErrors Object. - The current field errors.
    • Passed from Formik. *fieldTouched Object. - The current field errors.
    • Passed from Formik.


Grid-Layout With React Components As Columns

import React, {Component} from 'react';
import {CalderaGrid} from '@calderajs/forms';

class Something extends Component {
	row = {
        rowId: 'notForm',
        columns: [
                children: <div>Half Column</div>,
                width: '1/2',
                columnId: 1
                children: <div>Quarter Column</div>,
                width: '1/4',
                columnId: 2
                children: <div>Quarter Column 2</div>,
                width: '1/4',
                columnId: 3
	 state = {}
	 setFieldValue = (fieldId,newValue) => {
		return (
                onAnyChange={(values) => { this.setState({values})}}
                onAnyBlur={(values) => { console.log(values)}}


See the clients Readme

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