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With DBIx::Class on git now, this is the process for contributing.
1) Clone the DBIx::Class master branch
> git clone
2) Do your work on your machine. This is git - everything is local!
3) When you think you're ready, push it back out to the origin as a
remote branch. See rebasing for what you should do before pushing.
> git push origin my-branch
4) Notify the other contributors that you're ready to have your branch
5) Another contributor will merge it back into master. See rebasing for
what you should do before merging.
Rebasing: Please rebase before merging and pushing; we'd rather not have
commit messages that say, "Oops" and "typo", in master, and furthermore
fast-forward merges lead to a cleaner history.
Yes, this does mean that DBIx::Class is moving to a formal code review process.
Yes, this does mean that you will never merge your own code to master.
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