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2005-04-16 by mst
- set_from_related should take undef
- ResultSource objects caching ->resultset causes interesting problems
- find why XSUB dumper kills schema in Catalyst (may be Pg only?)
2006-03-25 by mst
- find a way to un-wantarray search without breaking compat
- delay relationship setup if done via ->load_classes
- double-sided relationships
- make short form of class specifier in relationships work
2006-03-18 by bluefeet
- Support table locking.
2006-03-21 by bluefeet
- When subclassing a dbic class make it so you don't have to do
__PACKAGE__->table(__PACKAGE__->table()); for the result set to
return the correct object type.
2006-05-25 by mst (TODOed by bluefeet)
Add the search attributes "limit" and "rows_per_page".
limit: work as expected just like offset does
rows_per_page: only be used if you used the page attr or called $rs->page
rows: modify to be an alias that gets used to populate either as appropriate,
if you haven't specified one of the others
2008-10-30 by ribasushi
- Rewrite the test suite to rely on $schema->deploy, allowing for seamless
testing of various RDBMS using the same tests
- Automatically infer quote_char/name_sep from $schema->storage
- Recursive update() (all code seems to be already available)
2010-06-11 by Caldrin
- github test