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Wikipedia Viewer

This is a Wiki Viewer for freeCodeCamp's Front-End Certification projects. You can view the freeCodeCamp project details here.

View the working refactor via Codepen

I decided to re-visit this project to give it a facelift and refactor the code, this repository contains the progress of the refactor. You can view the original solution utilizing jQuery via Codepen here.


  • - I can search Wikipedia entries in a search box and see the resulting Wikipedia entries.
  • - I can click a button to see a random Wikipedia entry.


I added the below for additional functionality and practice with Vanilla JS. Keep in mind this is all implemented on the client side so it can render properly within so it may not perform as well as it could if the search results were handled server side.

  1. Increased results to 100, allowing for pagination to be added.
  2. Added pagination with a limit of 10 items per page for a total of 10 pages per result.

To Do

  • - Responsive Design - Currently this implementation is not responsive for mobile screen sizes.