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We want a decentralized future, we want a decentralized currency, we want a decentralized life. We want to be different. We are Amity

About AmityCoin

We at Calex believe in project AmityCoin; so much so that we launch with no Premine. AmityCoin aims to change the status quo; to be accepted anywhere good and services are rendered. We believe with this ethos the value of AmityCoin will speak volumes about itself. Please, join us in shaping the future! We are a unique, CryptoNote privacy coin that aims for fair mining and distribution for decentralisation. We use a unique algorithm called CryptoNight Soft Shell created by our good friends over at TurtleCoin. Soft Shell is a novel adaptation to the Cryptonote hashing algorithm. By dynamically adjusting the scratchpad and memory utilization, we present a CryptoNote coin more ASIC resistant than those which preceed it. At the present time there are is no compatible pool software or GPU-enabled miners, ensuring a more natural growth and network decentralization. During our testing phase, even a moderately powered computing device stood a 'fair' chance of solving a block enabling a truly fair mining experience.

Coin Information

Coin Info
Name AmityCoin
Ticker AMIT
Forked TurtleCoin - TRTL
Algorithm CN Soft Shell v3
Difficulty LWMA-2
Block Time 120 seconds
Block Reward ~186
Mature Rate 360 blocks
Decimals 4
P2P 21018
RPC 31018
Max Supply 100,000,000,000 (100B)
Premine 0
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https://medium.com/@Mitoshi/amitycoin-a926d4db52cc - Information on what we've done so far can be found here. Its a 5 minute read article.


Quick Links

Discord - https://discord.gg/k2jYvBT

Twitter - https://twitter.com/AmityCore

Website - https://www.getamitycoin.org


AMIT: amitQLHwwcaU5bDjqkZrQ26KHeVdk2mgsC8j8mnBJbpJfi6jMNxUqB42V2ZCn6EJ4z9wK5nVvNBwMVBFubZce3BXAYAJx2YEon

TRTL: TRTLv1GJbzV1ginJEWCwAk2mnuPykhSwcF1694Z6TsDy8ohHPFSNbPggHMdq5GpM74NW8DDG7n6NN3Zb9TZ4nw4CjiQvfY6NkhX