Axeman is a utility to retrieve certificates from Certificate Transparency Lists (CTLs)
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Harvester of certificates, bearer of flannel.


Axeman is a utility for downloading, parsing, and storing Certificate Transparency Lists using python3's concurrency and multi-processing. Its aim is to download and parse certificates relatively quickly and efficiently, storing them in CSVs on the local filesystem.

Installing it

Installation should be super straight forward, but you need a newer version of python (3.5+) to run it.

pip3 install axeman


$ axeman -h
usage: axeman [-h] [-f LOG_FILE] [-s START_OFFSET] [-l] [-u CTL_URL]
              [-o OUTPUT_DIR] [-v] [-c CONCURRENCY_COUNT]

Pull down certificate transparency list information

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f LOG_FILE           location for the axeman log file
  -s START_OFFSET       Skip N number of lists before starting
  -l                    List all available certificate lists
  -u CTL_URL            Retrieve this CTL only
  -o OUTPUT_DIR         The output directory to store certificates in
  -v                    Print out verbose/debug info
  -c CONCURRENCY_COUNT  The number of concurrent downloads to run at a time


This is Axeman dumping information on each CTL known by

$ axeman -l

This is axeman running in verbose mode and pulling down the SkyDiver CTL
$ axeman -v -u ''