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Caliopen frontend

Important note:

Please refer to global documentation on readthedocs the following documentation wil not be maintained anymore. Some informations are still useful.

This subtree is meant for building and serving CaliOpen frontend.

  • serving html, js and static files
  • build web application
  • build or run desktop applications
  • build or run mobile devices applications


(make sure you have an up-to-date version)

Usage (production ready)

This will install dependencies then start the web server. Depending you custom options, you will be able to access to Caliopen interface via

export NODE_ENV=production

Web Server Options

You can set instance config via environment variables and a json file:

export CALIOPEN_API_HOSTNAME=api.foobar.tld
NODE_ENV=production bin/server --config=<path-to-file>.json

The default variables are set in config/server.default.js. The environment variables are set in config/server.env-var.js.

We strongly recommand to overide CALIOPEN_COOKIE_SECRET and CALIOPEN_SEAL_SECRET.

The precedence of config definitions:

env var > custom file > defaults

Config for the client is not dynamic and can be done in release phase (see below).


NODE_ENV=production yarn release

This will build the different packages to run Caliopen web server in the dist directory.

Client options

Due to webpack restrictions, config can be pass using environment variables only.

The default variables and environment variables definitions are set in config/client.default.js.

We strongly recommand to overide CALIOPEN_PIWIK_SITE_ID.

Code architecture

All the things related to react follows this guide in src folder.

Each build target has its folder:

  • server (the web server providing html pages thanks to SSR and the javascript browser client)
  • cordova (for platforms android, ios and WP)
  • electron (for linux, macos and windows)

The index.html is generated using webpack and a template.

And each target has its webpack config.