Caliburn.Micro 2.0.2

@nigel-sampson nigel-sampson released this Mar 16, 2015 · 197 commits to master since this release

What's New?

  • Resolved some design time bugs.
  • PropertyChangedBase.Refresh is now virtual.
  • Added checks to guard against an async CanClose.
  • Allow SettingsWindowManager to open independent flyouts [WinRT].
  • Deal with unicode in C# identifiers.
  • AttachedCollection.On* methods are now virtual.
  • ViewAware.GetView is now virtual`.
  • ViewLocator.LocateForModel falls back to LocateForModelType if the view could not be added to the visual tree.
  • ActionMessage.UpdateAvailablility is now virtual.
  • Removed explicit garbage collection from WinRT FrameAdapter.
  • Resolved a bug where couldn't navigate to a view model that contained the name of the assembly.

Thanks to all who contributed fixes, logged bugs etc.